About Us

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Our Vision
The Fox Chase Academics Plus School provides a safe and secure environment where each child and adult is encouraged and provided the opportunities to attain his/her highest academic, social, and physical level of achievement.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide meaningful instruction in a secure environment.  Our high expectations will encourage lifelong, critical thinkers who are responsible and respectful of our community and the world.

The following is what you will see and hear as you visit the Fox Chase School this year:

•    High Expectations
•    Smaller classes
•    Computers for all students and staff
•    Students actively engaged in their own learning
•    School-wide themes and connections
•    Sufficient funding to meet all needs
•    Classroom assistants in rooms to support instruction
•    An environment where there is respect for self and others
•    Parent involvement and responsibility
•    Improvement in the basics – reading, mathematics, science, social  studies, and writing
•    Funding for professional development, conference attendance, and expert speakers
•    Peer coaching for staff members
•    Time to meet, learn, and plan
•    Students exhibiting higher-order, critical thinking skills
•    Parent workshops to support instruction
•    Teachers modeling expected behaviors/skills
•    Differentiated instruction across content areas
•    Collegial sharing of “best practices”
•    Celebrations for student/staff successes and best efforts
•    Enthusiastic/Supportive Teachers and Staff
•    Peer Mediation
•    Celebrations for parents